Imagination creates calmness

When we take the time to use our imagination our creative side comes out. We think of solutions to obstacles or projects we are currently working on. Lets say you love to sew and you need a baby shower gift. Maybe your utensil drawer is a complete mess and you can’t locate essentials. So what do you do? You sit and imagine how you can organize your utensil drawer with clever and cool ideas. You go to Joann’s with your paycheck and pick out all kinds of different materials to not only make one baby blanket…but maybe 5 others you didn’t know you might need for future gifts. 😊

I consider this process of imagination a tool in creating a happy and grateful moment that will bring calmness and happiness to our day. I say we all should try to think of a creative idea at least once a day. Maybe get a notebook to keep track of your ideas. It would be your “Creative back pocket” of sorts.

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