Fear of change vs finding our calmness.

Recently my position at work became redundant. So I am looking for a new job in a field I have always wanted, but never pursued it with as much passion as I should have. I settled with a career that comes naturally to me. Now that my husband and I have reached what I call our “second life” stage I am ready to take the time to pursue a marketing career. Social Media has changed the way business’s market and promote products, so I enrolled in Marketing courses to be more judicious in the field. As I am applying and interviewing for positions I might just be allowing fear of the unknown or self doubt get in the way. I’m nervous and scared to meet new people and start a new job. Of course the concern of my “age” may be a factor in my desired field. My strong desire for a change is what I use as my strength to continue going forward with my plan. Here’s to overcoming my fear and BRAIN.

I found the below meme this week. I found this hysterical because I hate interviewing πŸ˜‚. This week I experienced doing a prerecorded video interview. I’m pretty sure I was completely “dorky”.

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