Winter and Holiday Season

How many of us look forward to the winter season only for the reason to knit more?  I love to spend rainy days making hats for friends or just because.  I would probably make a bunch of slipper socks or hand warmers if I could get the pattern down.  I am hoping to show an example of one soon, but not before I have one that is not embarrassing to the world of knitters/crocheter’s.  If anyone has a favorite you tube video please pass it on.  Reminder…I am a novice knitter/crocheter/loom knitter.

In the spirit of having a relaxing holiday season starting tomorrow I will be sharing 12 Days of  calming techniques or tips that will bring you right up to Christmas Eve.  So join my Facebook group before tomorrow.  Don’t forget to visit the page each day for a helpful tip. Happy Holidays and New Year!!! #knitting #crochet #loomknitting #relaxing

holiday tips

Knitting for Calmness

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