Walking is a great way to step away and breath.  A brisk walk will boost a body’s stress boosting endorphins. This will help alleviate stress levels and any signs of depression. Taking a 10 minute walk will improve your mood and energy levels.  Weather permitting I would encourage you to go outside for some fresh air.  By leaving the house or building really helps to reset your frame of mind.  On rainy or really cold days I would take a walk around the office building or get a cup of tea. This would give me the opportunity to visit with other teammates I may not have had the opportunity to catch up with.  If you do this make sure you keep it non work related, otherwise it defeats the purpose of taking a break.   One handy tool to ensure I would take a break is adding them to my calendar with a reminder.  At work we blocked a meeting time for everyone to take a 15 min break twice a day. By creating a meeting no one can schedule another meeting during your scheduled breaks Most times my team would go walk the parking lot together.  This was a great bonding time for us and allowed us to be more focused while working.  Who is your favorite walking companion?  My favorite companion was my beagle. #knitting #crochet #loomknitting #relaxing

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