Day 3 – BE “Mindfully” KIND

Let me start off by telling you a story all parents can relate to. School was out for winter break and my children were fighting and misbehaving all day. It’s two days before Christmas and I need to buy groceries for Christmas dinner. My children to go to the store with me. Within 10-15 mins I am about ready to blow a gasket or maybe strangle one or both children. I call my husband (cell phones were pretty much a new thing) and tell him if he doesn’t come get these children NOW…they will not make it home. We wait by the front until the children are safely with their dad. Don’t worry they are still safe; they both are parents themselves 😊.

My purpose for sharing this story is to remind you to BE KIND to yourself. You’re only one person. As parents we always want the perfect holiday season (perfect decorations, perfect parties, perfect dinner, drama free day with a happy family). Please don’t over promise yourself. Lack of time is one of the highest stressors. Our children will enjoy themselves more; and have better memories of the times if we just lived in the moment. Find one tradition that means the most to you and focus your time making it special. My special event was taking the kids to the tree lighting. Please share your one tradition. #knitting #crochet #loomknitting #relaxing

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