Experiencing instant laughter, giggling and/or squealing from a toddler is probably one of the best things in life.  Sometimes you could just be sitting on the couch; or doing a domestic duty and out of the blue you hear instant fun or laughter.  I received this little Bluetooth shower radio in my winter FUN FIT FAB box.  My grand daughter loves it.  She will walk around the room with it and just dance.  Of course, it is almost like we are playing musical chairs in the house, because she will get button happy and every 10-15 seconds we are onto a new song. Everyone at home is expected to participate in the dance party….no exceptions.

As we grow older and gain more responsibility we lose the magic of just having fun…just for the sake of having fun.  Spontaneous and uninhibited laughter will bring a person into the present moment in a mindful way.  Today’s encouragement is to go find fun.  Turn up the music and dance/sing your favorite song so the neighbors can hear it.  When was the last time you did something silly like skipping, or ride the shopping cart in the parking lot.  I don’t remember the back story of why I wanted to do this, but one time I bought Bubblicious gum just to have a spitting contest with my husband.  Gross I know!  I lost too!! My favorite things to get me in the spirit of Christmas is singing.  Anyone who knows me well… knows my dream in life was to be a rock star. I was in choir all through my school years and would compete (won state championship).  I grew up in a house we didn’t celebrate holidays and I would secretly hide the fact I was singing Christmas carols at school. My favorite song’s to sing is Gloria (Angels We Have Heard on High) and Silent Night.  Check back in and let me know what you did for fun.  #knitting #crochet #loomknitting #relaxing.


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