Can you believe we have been on this journey together for a week now? I hope you have enjoyed or practiced some “mindful” tips so far. The goal is to enjoy this holiday season, and be present in our “life” moments. Today we will focus on uni-tasking. Meaning completing one task for a given period of time, and then take a break before continuing or moving on to another task. Most days we juggle so many tasks at one time we find we may never complete even one task by the end of the day.

The last three or four months of the year typically are the busiest times for me. Everyone needs wine at the end of year 😂. I generally would receive 3-400 emails, 30 or more manual orders to process and have several reports to go over with 92 distributors throughout a 9-12 hr day. How did I manage this workload? A couple tips that worked for me. I would setup colored text or formatting for daily emailed reports that need to be actioned as soon as they came in. This helps to visually locate important emails. Sometimes emails can get missed if you receive a high volume of them. I would set up a separate folder to forward just my distributors emails. This way I could separate important emails from other noise and action them first. Create good subject lines for emails. Don’t always just reply as a topic changes. You may need to update your subject line to keep things accurate to your conversation. Always check and search your Inbox for related action items. You could already have the answer in you Inbox.

I like to keep lists on my phone for any action items or appointments I need to keep at home. I like to share my lists with my family so if they need to add an item to the grocery list it’s immediate. There’s a section for the grocery store, Target/Walmart and Costco. Having my kids and grandchildren out of town I even created a wish list for birthday’s and Christmas. That way everyone gets what they want.

When presented with many fires throughout your day organize them by levels of alarm 🚨. Always ask where they fit in your business/personal priorities. ASK for help, don’t do it alone. When I need to focus on a project I plug in my headphones. This will drown out the noise around me…and make me less accessible to others 🤣. What tools do you like to use to keep on task?

#knitting #crochet #breathing #relaxing #timemanagement

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