Being mindful isn’t about being happy all the time. It’s about accepting the moment we’re in and feeling whatever we feel without trying to resist or control it. Best practices in managing our feelings is identifying what makes us feel anger, anxiety or hurt feelings. It’s ok to have those feelings and accept them for what they are. Talk them through with a friend or a loved one. They will pass…but don’t allow them to grow and eat at you.

A few years back my oldest decided he wanted to not live at home at the age of 17. This broke my heart into a million pieces and the guilt I had for failing him was the worst experience in my life. Then one day I realized what more could I teach him before he was 18. He was already established as a wonderful and loving young man. He knew what was right or wrong. He could make sound decisions and judgements (for his age that is 🤣). What more could a mother ask for. I learned through this experience it was mostly my own feelings and pride that was hurt and I had to work through it myself. My goal was to not put a wedge or damage our relationship for the future.

Just know there are solutions in life. You just have to look for them. Sometimes they are under a rock, sometimes they are under a ####ing mountain. They are there and it’s ok to feel and accept your feelings. Just don’t strangle your mother in law on Christmas day no matter how much you want too. Five day’s until Christmas y’all.

#knitting #crochet #relaxing #Mindfulness #feelings

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