Everyday repetitive activities can become mundane or boring. We are able to cultivate awareness and present-moments. It is not about the activity you’re engaged in, but rather the quality of attention you bring to that activity. When you begin to shift out of your repetitive thoughts, any activity can become a more conscious and profound experience. One example can be as simple as waiting in line. We are impatient causing stress to others, as well as ourselves. If we just took the time to relax , breath and be present in the moment we could experience more mindfulness.

When spending time with your families the next couple days be aware of staying present. Leave your phones in another room on purpose. I totally understand if you’re like me and you have children out of town with their own families or unaccessible for any reason, and you have to wait for their call. So I will give you a small pass…but put your phone in your pocket until it vibrates 🤣. Enjoy and be present for your friends and loved ones in front of you.

I have enjoyed sharing these past 12 days with you. I hope you carry these tips throughout the New Year and further on in your future. I wish you all a Happy Holiday season and New Years! 2020 will be a year for new beginnings. If you want to connect and follow my Facebook page here is the link. If there are any tips or comments you would like to share please do so.

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