What about a mood temperature blanket?

January is progressing nicely. My new experience this month was to learn the Tunisian crochet technique. After a billion tries (maybe 10 is closer to the real number 😊) I am doing pretty good. Here is my sample. When I have a completed a blanket I will share my progression at a later time. I also joined a few crochet groups on Facebook. There was much discussion regarding Pen Pals. In the spirit of mindfulness for myself and others…I am officially a pen pal with 3 new lady friends. I hope to share our experiences with projects and friendships from afar.

On New Years day there was much discussion on making temperature blankets. The basic idea of a temperature blanket is to crochet (or knit) a number of rows on a blanket each day for a full calendar year. The colors used each day correspond with the temperature outside. I was thinking instead of the outside weather how cool would it be to do a mood blanket? This would help us recognize our daily feelings and be mindful of them. I think I will put a chart together tomorrow. If you’re interested in doing this with me or just interested go ahead and let me know. I will be sure to share if there’s an interest. Any color ideas?

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