Overcoming internal self judgement .

Good evening! My apologies for being a bit quiet. I have been working on a few projects this past week. I started my very first double crochet baby blanket. I am kinda proud of myself on how well I am doing. 😊 My daughter decided she wanted to make some baby burp pads for my upcoming granddaughter and wants to sell some of them online. That has taken so much time these past few days because I am a novice at it. They look really nice…but I will need to practice some more to be perfect.

These past few weeks have been challenging to my self esteem due to still being unemployed for the past 7 months. My unemployment payments will end shortly. Several times throughout the day I’m needing to remind myself the harshest criticisms are often self-inflicted. Nothing clutters and stresses our minds like internal self-judgements. I encourage anyone feeling this way to pay attention to your thought patterns and notice when your inner critic rears up. Being aware of these thoughts as they occur, and most importantly step forward in replacing internal criticism with calmness. Just the act of awareness is a step towards mindfulness.

I know in my heart patience will bring my dream job soon. I just need to be patient. I started reading a book this week called Girl, Wash your Face by Rachel Hollis a blogger and bestseller. I hope to share with you some insights as I go. The below quote helps remind us we are in control of our lives and stories. I will just need to work harder and be patient in finding a rewarding new career. Check out Loretta’s Creations if you would like to see my first burp clothes and blanket. 😂

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