Do you follow through on promises you make to yourself?

A new year is always considered a time for fresh starts and new beginnings. We make promises to ourselves and the first few days or weeks we might follow through, but then life comes to a head and our enthusiasm may sizzle to non-existence.

For example you may make a promise to yourself you will do more for yourself to bring calmness to your day or weeks. Have you kept that promise? How well have you seen it through? Do you take the easiest road? Lets say you decided to just take those quick brisk walks by yourself to center yourself. The first couple days you do pretty well. Then before you know it you start thinking about all you could be doing and go less often. Or you chose to make a phone call during those walks. What we generally forget is that this time was meant to center and refresh ourselves. This was a broken promise. How many times do you think as parents we skipped time with our younger children because we thought chores were a priority and thought we would have more quality time later? Now they are adults and have their own families repeating the same mistakes. These are broken promises we make to not just us, but to our children as well.

I urge and encourage all my of us to stop breaking promises to ourselves. Once we do this we will learn to slow down and enjoy more moments. We can’t keep every promise or commitment or goal. Teach yourself a new way to act or behave as your true person-not who you think you should be. Start with small goals. As humans we like to “Go Big”. Smaller goals build stepping stones to your bigger goal. Be careful to not over commit. It is still OK to tell people “No”. I know it is hard to do. It took me so long to learn this myself. I am so glad I learned to stand up for myself and built guidelines to what I can and can’t do for others. My health is happier for it and I have less relapses of vision loss. What are you going to promise yourself this week?

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