Go home and do nothing!

I hope everyone is well! How many times do you over extend yourself? How many times do you find yourself going a million miles a minute. We create so many tasks at one time we forget what we are doing. Or even miss an important step. We constantly tell friends and family we can help them out. When was the last time you just took a day and sat on the couch and watched TV (Hallmark/Lifetime channel) all day?

Discover your world will not implode into a million pieces if you take some time for yourself. The past few years have been an emotional and stressful strain with my previous employer. I became a different person and felt I lost who I was as a happy person.

I am very grateful I was given these past 7 months off work to enjoy just being home to work on crafts and projects. I crocheted my very first baby blanket. 😊 Working on a second one. I made some burp cloths to practice my sewing skills. I have also been working on new computer skills and software programs to add to my résumé. The best gift has been spending time with my granddaughter during the day to watch her grow into her own personality.

In order to help others we need to help ourselves first. Take the time to do just nothing and enjoy the moment. Spend some time looking for joy and peace in those moments. Look for fun moments. Don’t take yourself seriously all the time. I am so guilty of this. I am always looking for what could go wrong. This consumes so much energy and takes away the fun. So let’s promise each other to just do nothing and find the joy in doing it. 😊 Have a great week.

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