Friends- Stop Judging!!!

First I would like to say Happy Valentines to everyone. Today is not only about loving others…but ourselves as well.

A few days ago I watched a small video on Reese Witherspoons Instagram page where she was being taught how to make a recipe correctly with a friend. And you know Reese is always so fun and upbeat to watch. I find her southern manners impeccable almost all the time. In this video they were in a very homey older style kitchen. This was not a modern kitchen of sorts. In the video it was not mentioned who’s kitchen the video was taken from. Within pretty much the first few comments a lady mentioned to Reese that she couldn’t believe the kitchen was not newly decorated and surely with her money she could afford to have a newer and nicer kitchen. I have seen Reese in a new kitchen and beautiful home in past videos, I was so upset at this woman’s comment. First of all we didn’t know who’s kitchen it was. The lady probably insulted and hurt both Reese and the friend in the room. It was probably the friends home that got insulted. But who really cares. What right as women do we have to judge others in how they choose to live or the choices they made.

Judging others is hurtful, spiteful impulses we own, and our judgments keep us from building stronger and beautiful friendships with others. Don’t mask your intentions by what you think is friendship or love. There is so much talk on empowering and building up women and women’s rights right now. FYI…this is not just a man’s responsibility at this time. It’s every living souls responsibility to be judgment free.

Friends I urge you to be less judgmental on social media. Just because what is in you mind at the time -there is no need to write it down for others to see. There is no sense in making something positive and fun to brighten a person’s day and make it negative and hurtful. I generally don’t read comments…but this time I was looking for information. Let’s try to keep one judgy thought to ourselves today. Don’t share it

Have a mindful and lovely day.

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