Sending good wishes 🌸🌺

Wow this past month has flown by so fast. I started working for a new company earlier this month. Guess what? It’s for a chocolate company. So after all these years I have switched over from wine. At my interview and first day I got chocolate 🍫. Yummm!!

I have actually been blessed very much because I am currently working as a temp to hire. They are allowing me to work and do my training from home. I feel it really shows the character of the organization if they trust a temporary employee to take company property as well as working unsupervised. They could have opted out and had me restart after May. I have been finding ways to keep busy on my own in between tasks. It has been a great learning experience working within a food packaging facility in normal processes and in consumer panic mode .

I wanted to send you all some good wishes while you are working from home and away from possibly other human contact or the outside world. Try to keep yourself on a schedule when working. Take your breaks and walk away from your computer. Enjoy a few mins to step outside and breathe in fresh air. Or maybe walk up and down your street. It helps to have a designated spot in your home to work at. That way you can walk away at the end of the day. Forget about it until morning. I have even done some small chores around the house. This has freed up some time at the end of the day to work on my crocheting 🧶. Or catching up on This is Us Or Grey’s Anatomy.

Don’t let everyone’s panic mode suck you into their frenzy. This will only put extra stress and create anxiousness in ourselves. As long as you have Maslow’s basic needs like shelter, food (what you need) and water you shall be fine. And I am pretty sure TP is not really a mandatory need. There are ways around it . We just don’t have to like the options 🤣🤣. And we can still check online for items when they become available. Stay safe and well! And support local business’s when you can !!! If you feel lonely and just want to chat you can message me on my Facebook group-knittingforcalmness 😊

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