I hope everyone is well. I have been so busy these past few weeks putting together items and making masks for the family. I put an order over a week and half ago with Joann’s to buy more yarn so I can continue with my blanket. I have a feeling later on this week I will be at a stand still until they put my pickup order together .It has been getting tougher as each day comes to ignore all the negativity that gets fed to us. The news only covers COVID 19. Social media all talks about the same but bashing people, government and schools. Work emails talk about how working from home and the virus is affecting your coworkers. I am definitely ready to go back to normal if not just having something different to talk about. I continue to keep busy working on projects after my work hours. The projects have kept me busy that I really don’t notice I have not left the house in a week. I can tell you I do love the groceries delivered. I will probably keep this task going even after we are no longer mandated to stay home! But something comical-yesterday a young man brought my groceries and instead of basil he brought coriander (never used it before- looking for ideas). Also instead of red potatoes he brought a yam. That one stumps me. But I will use the yam for sure. 🤣Well everyone please be safe and well. All will be better soon. Enjoy your quality family time as the gift it is.P.s…I totally bought this shirt just for the fun of it.

Shelter in place check in

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