Happy Mother’s Day 🌺🌺

Wishing everyone a very happy and wonderful Mother’s Day. As mother’s we think back to the first moment we bring our children into this world, and our promises we make to our children as we hold them until they won’t let us anymore. Then we can only feel their hurts, pain and happiness from afar until they need us. We watch them grow into themselves and all we can think of is how awesome they are to be our children.

I came from a unloving and hurtful childhood, but I knew love was in my heart and fought for it. My loving uncle raised me for a time. Richard gave and showed me love as long as he was alive. I am so lucky my uncle, his partner Michael and my two aunts fought hard to heal me as much as possible. These experiences have made being a mother much more difficult and still affect me till today. Without these experiences I would not have known how to change the familial pattern of physical or emotional abuse. I am far from a perfect person or parent, but I can say I have changed my children’s history as parents.

I am so proud of they way they have grown to become adults. Both of my children are loving and caring parents and do an awesome job with their children. That is all that matters to me. Being a grandparent is so awesome because you can see these little humans show characteristics from when your own children were little and you can hold, hug and love these little prodigals.

Mothers be proud of what you accomplished. Don’t put high expectations on yourselves. Time and love is all our children need. Eventually time with our children will be less as they grow up and start their own lives. And remember how you love and treat your children affect them and future generations.

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