Is SIP making you a bad multitasker?

Truthfully not sure how it happened…actually I do. Last year I discovered a Quilt and fabric shop about 20 miles away. Never made it to the store for a visit. In April I brought out my sewing machine to start making face masks for my family. I have always wanted to learn and practice making quilt blocks, but figured I needed to understand the basics first. Recently, I made an apron. It was nice making something by hand. It’s been difficult getting into Joann’s, and never could score fabric. So working on being creative with my current stash.

During this time local small business’s started doing Facebook lives. I started watching the daily local Quilting shop on Facebook. I have enjoyed it very much. I am hooked now. I have purchased some beautiful Fat Squares bundles. I recently joined a group for an easy 12 week project. You learn a new block pattern every week and share it. I have enjoyed seeing everyone’s talent. Part of this project has 6 bonus embroidery blocks.

So you guessed it. I actually have 3 projects going. And that’s not including catching up on shows. I started crocheting a blanket in February. I am still only 2/3rds of the way done. I was hoping to be done by now…but sewing took over. Now I have to fit in embroidery. 🤣 Any one else feel a bit distracted with additional new projects?

Be mindful to allow yourself the time to learn new skills, and be creative during these trying times. Remember my 12 tips of mindfulness in December? On Day 6 it was mentioned to engage in your favorite creative task to quiet your thoughts. Mindfulness and creativity go hand-in-hand. Everyone needs to explore their creative side. This gives us a sense of accomplishment when we succeed. A small project will give us a physical action we can control.

I would like to lightly remind you of my tip #12 by Tasking Mindfully at this time as well. Having to many projects at a time can add additional stress. We may put extra burdens on ourselves because we feel we have to accomplish it all. Having these extra tasks made me feel a bit lost due to not completing my original project. So I made a promise to myself I would work on my blanket during the week after working. The weekends will focus solely on sewing. Let me know if you have suggestions you like to use to bring yourself back from being lost or distracted.

Everyone please be well and safe!

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