Perseverance in 2020

I have started and stopped this post a few times. We have been busy with a cracked tub and remodeled bathrooms these past few weeks. My biggest excuse is I have been busy learning new sewing projects.

Today let’s discuss the word perseverance. So what is perseverance ? It is defined as the persistent effort of doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

This is exactly what we as humans need during this time while we start to venture back outside into a world with other humans (at a distance and covered up of course). I don’t know about you, but I feel such a weird vibe when I go out nowadays. People look at you weird or differently because your wearing/not wearing a mask. Or maybe they’re thinking why are you out at the same time as me-then I think why are you out 😂. With all the political things going on it puts extra stress on you. This leaves a person not even wanting to address or talk to anyone because the last thing you want to do is get in a heated discussion on whether you’re taking a side. But to me that can cause strife as well. So how can you persevere during 2020? I am here to tell you I have no idea…lol.

I can tell you what I try to do and I hope it will help you a bit.

1. I fit in a compromised group when it comes to health issues. But I don’t live my life in fear. So I follow the CDC guidelines. Wear a mask, stand 6 ft apart and only go out when I need or want something. Wash my hands when I get back. I personally just do it any time anyone has a cold or flu now or 5 years ago. Just smart!

2. I don’t respond to any social media posts. I follow more crafting, knitting and sewing sites. This changes my feed immensely. It balances my social media with positivity and creativity. I have learned so many new things. I am making quilting blocks now. I am getting pretty decent at it.

3. I only check on the news maybe once a week. There is nothing I hate more than repeating the same crap every day and all day. Stay informed…but limit your exposure.

4. I am missing just having dinner or lunch with my friends. Or just going for a visit. My favorite tea place is going out of business and I can’t do one last hooray with my best tea buddies. I like doing virtual projects together with friends. It means I don’t have to get dressed, shower or drive anywhere to have fun. Just knowing we are protecting each other by distancing helps alot…because you care for these people’s well being.

5. Just be respectful and kind. Try to smile or show kindness covered up. Even if people are shitty you can still be positive. Just walk away. Don’t feel you gotta prove a point…it’s only you you’re trying to prove it too.

Be Happy! Be Joyful! Be Kind!

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