Walk In the Direction Where Your Peace is Found (Steve Aitchison)

These past few weeks have been a whirlwind of events. I was able to accomplish making my very first quilt top. I made mistakes and its not perfect. I am so very proud of it. I learned so much in sewing techniques and even resiliency. It’s such a great peace of mind when you make something with your hands and have something to show for it. I started working on my second quilt project. Its a mystery project and I cant wait to finish all my clues and show it off. I did complete my crochet blanket. I hope to show it soon after I add the boarder. This is my favorite blanket ever. I don’t think I could ever part with it 😂. I recently cleaned my room and kept finding yarn stashes. I better get back to doing some crochet and knitting projects soon.

Last week our neighborhood was threatened by a fire and my husband and I had to evacuate our home. We are safe and our home is safe. As we were evacuating we realized our neighborhood had no movement. So we started knocking on doors to tell everyone to leave. I had some difficulty getting a neighbor to wake up so she could leave. This was a huge amount of anxiety at the time because as I saw the fire get closer I had no idea how to get in contact with her. All did work out. The next couple days was just exhausting with waiting to return home and all the social media status updates. By the end of the week my husband and I were worn out. We definitely felt blessed for ourselves, but saddened by the extent of the losses others experienced.

My husband had previously planned a trip to our favorite beach city and hotel. A few months ago. It was a blessing in disguise. When you think of Steve Aitchison’s quote Walk In the Direction Where Your Peace is Found. It helps to bring calmness to tough moments, days or even years. We are unable to avoid personal or community challenges How we walk toward our peace is what grounds us or brings calmness to our minds or hearts. My peace has always been at the beach. When you sit and listen to the waves you can give your troubles to the water. When your feet are touching the wet or warm sand you feel connected to God or a higher power (for some it could just be a connection to nature). Breathing the cool air air into your lungs can also bring a sense of calmness or peacefulness. Spending those couple of days at the ocean helped me so much to ground me and paved the path for me to walk towards my peace.

I urge you to find your path to peace and calmness when you’re feeling overwhelmed. This may just be going to Starbucks for a chai latte and sit in your car to enjoy the warmth in your hands and throat as all the spice/ creaminess flows to your stomach. I hope you enjoy the picture I captured while finding my peace.

Cambria, California

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