Reading and Crocheting

These past two weeks I have felt my mental stability waiver just a bit. My patience with all the political issues is getting very tiresome. Especially the anger and hate others are showing to others. Being temporarily evacuated a few days. The air quality and asthma making it so I can barely leave the inside of my house just to go out the front door. Generally I find myself reading alot of fiction during the times I feel the most pull of anxiety. Nothing cures life’s challenges than fiction. So what have you been reading lately? I started a Facebook group called Dewey Decimal Bookworms so I am hoping connecting with others will help soothe the soul.

I also needed to get started on my granddaughters blanket considering she is almost 4 months old and fall/winter will be here soon enough. This is the first time I have used bulky soft yarn. It’s really soft …but bulky to use.

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