Blessings in Disguise and Thankful Thursday’s

For those of us just watching and waiting to see who will be our “confirmed” leader for the next four years let’s ponder something good. We are officially in the countdown for Christmas and Thanksgiving. I urge each of us to find something that was a blessing in disquise throughout the upcoming weeks. I will share something positive from each week every Thursday for 6 weeks until Christmas starting next week.

I started off this past weekend building a foundation of bringing myself and others joy. I created a small handmade gift bag of treats as a token of gratitude to 12 friends and family members. I called them SHE (Smile, Happiness and Encourage) gifts. I wanted to help bring these 3 things to others. Everyone is so angry and hurtful to others, and it is about time too take back control of your behaviors and attitudes . I urge you to join me November 19th. You can follow me on my Facebook group if you would prefer.

I have been working on a Christmas table runner. The top is done. I will finish this weekend. My SHE gifts included a handmade card, tea towel, chocolates and cookies

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