New lifestyle- Blessing 1

As I mentioned before the summer of 2019 my employer of 8 years outsourced my job to India. I spent several months looking for a new job. Luckily in March right before “self quarantine” at home was a thing I started a new job. I have spent the past 9 months at home doing all my training over google video chats. In June the California leaders chose to transfer inmates to San Quentin and a huge outbreak broke out and infected 3/4 of the inmates. My husband chose to retire in June instead of November as planned. We wanted to protect him and our family from Covid 19 .

I feel blessed and grateful to have the opportunity to work from home. It’s nice to enjoy relaxing more on break times. Taking back the 2+ hrs time back from not commuting. I am saving on gas and mileage by not traveling every day.

What I am most grateful for is the time I get to spend with my husband during the day. He makes me breakfast most mornings. I used to grab what I could eat in the car for so long. This week I am grateful he treated me to a couple peppermint mochas in the afternoon. It was a great pick me up from a rough week.

Some of the tiniest gestures can make a big impact on others. A peppermint mocha can just be a peppermint mocha to others. For me it was someone who brought me some warmth and comfort on a rough day. What where you blessed with this week? Or did you provide a blessing to someone else?

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