Controlling Time- Blessing 2

Making time for yourself is a great way to take a step back and relinquish control, even if for 15 mins a day. This past week I was able to get off a bit early one day. It was so nice to do a couple of errands and still enjoy some sunshine and extra evening time. My work extended summer hours to fall hours (clock out 2 hours early one day a week- you have to makeup time during the week) this was a blessing to have the option available. Just to help me feel accomplished.

It’s so important to allow ourselves some peaceful moments and do something fun. One of my sewing groups started a few months ago an invite on random days and times to set aside some time to work on a project, clean /organize your sewing space or just go shopping for new projects. The members of the group love it because it gives yourself permission and a reminder to set a time to have some fun.

These snippets of time helps to refresh your mind for better time. So be sure to take as many time outs you can. I love to just sit and work on embroidery projects, crochet/knitting or read fiction for my time outs. I especially love leaving work 2 hours early 🤣. What things do you do to enjoy time?

I want to wish everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving a wonderful day. If you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving today I still want to wish you a wonderful day. Thanksgiving has always been special to me. This is the time we spend reflecting on being together as friends and family, and what we’re thankful for. My favorite tradition has been after dinner; the tables are cleared the ladies will go through the holiday ads together and catch up on the gossip while the men play poker or watch football and the kids hanging out in between. This year might be slightly smaller, but focus being together happy and healthy.

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