Community- Blessing 3

As the saying goes..”Being late and a dollar short”. This week has flown by so quickly. I forgot to post my blessing this week. So here goes it.

These past few months I find myself wanting to be more of a recluse than I have ever been before. I find working from home and the desire to not wear a mask, or be around others has created this bubble around myself. I will procrastinate or make excuses to myself to avoid going out anywhere…even if it’s only for the need for milk, food or toothpaste. I worry the longer we stay under partial or full lockdowns I will never leave the house or want to be around others. Even worse, having the social skills to communicate or be around others in a social environment. Believe me this is not the right way to live our lives.

This week I forced myself to go to a small Free Slow Stitch: (Appliqué, Crochet, Embroidery, Knit) gathering at my local quilt shop I signed up for weeks ago. I am so glad I went. I learned new techniques ( as i knew I would) and enjoyed the company of others . It’s such a great way to remind ourselves the community needs us as well. We sat at a social distance and worked on individual projects for 2 hours. It was a refreshing break to have a reason to put shoes and regular pants on to meet new people.

As we shift back into mandatory shutdown again let’s find a creative way to communicate and build a community. Thursday night I found myself volunteering to test out a crochet pattern for a wonderful lady online. We are making the cutest children booties. Lets just say …I have frogged it 4 times last night and went to bed. The pattern is easy enough…I just need to learn how to follow a pattern 🤣🤣. So maybe this weeks project will be one finished bootie and perseverance.

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