Relaxation and Creativity-Blessing 4

Sitting on my couch getting ready to share how this week has been really nice and relaxing. Then out of nowhere this stupid fly keeps flying around me and my face …grrr #@*@# fly. Relaxation no more. Actually I am ok. 😂

This past week has been a bit more manageable at work. So the shut off button has been set each night. Asta pasta peeps…talk to you in the morning

Having the energy and great vibes this week gave me the opportunity to just sit and be creative. I included a few holiday cocktails (Fireball and Egg Nog 😋), a heated blanket to complete my environment. I did a bit of embroidery for a Christmas tea towel. Maybe a gift. Haven’t decided yet. I spent time watching Christmas movies (yes…i was in control of the remote), and crocheting part of my baby blanket. Still working a bit on the slipper I mentioned earlier. I want to throw in the towel and admit to my defeat. However…my virgo tendencies overruled my brain. So the challenge has moved to the end of the month. I will check in later. I don’t generally hop between projects like this prior to completion. That in itself made it relaxing of sorts.

This way I enjoyed it more and felt a bit more accomplished. Of course, I won’t make multiple projects at a time a habit in the future. My drive to complete things will kick in by next week I am sure.

Just taking the time for creativity, and just relaxing brings a peace and mindfulness you just don’t have to pay for. Please enjoy some sitting around time doing what you love. I am positive you deserve it. Well! Have a wonderful week

Just Being!!

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