Family Connections- Blessing 5

As we get closer to Christmas we think about our family memories. And that could be “blood” or chosen family. When it comes to my parents or siblings it gets a bit rough. I was raised by very toxic and abusive parents, my brother spent most of his life in prison (for reasons I don’t discuss), and my sisters live separate and distant lives. My maternal aunts and uncle spent a great many years protecting and raising me for half of my childhood. Most memories I carry in my brain are during the years I spent around my aunts and uncle. I lost an aunt (breast cancer) and uncle (AIDS) early on in my adult life. As I have gotten older I very seldom see my remaining aunt. Life just gets in the way. This past weekend I got to spend a day just visiting and gossiping. It was a wonderful day for my husband and I to just enjoy the day with her. We’re all not getting any younger so these times are special. It is so important to cherish the moments you can have with your family. Being around your family brings belonging and solidarity. I won’t say peace…because we all know thats not always true 🤣.

Most of my “family” is not blood related. They were picked and chosen for many special reasons. They are just like me- ornery. Or they have characteristics I need to bring out in myself. A couple of them are so special they are both ornery and a better person. I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends who bring out the best in me. I feel god has given them as a reward for all I have lost and given in my life. This year has been difficult not seeing them…but I know when the time comes we can be together and it will feel like it was just yesterday we saw each other. That is why chosen families are the best.

My husband and I will be alone this year for Christmas and New Years . I am sure we will have a great time just FaceTime our children and grandchildren Enjoy a more creative way to share your time now for a brighter future. I don’t know about yourselves but I laugh alot and think about all the crazy conversations I have with a 2 yr on FaceTime several times a week. My granddaughter loves me showing her my Christmas tree and all the ornaments. She will ask to see it almost every day. Then she just wants to sit and watch TV and won’t want to hang up. The other day her mom put ponytails in and she loved them so much. So almost the whole call it mostly just showed her ponytail bouncing around. Cracked me up. Remember these past few weeks have been about finding your little blessing. If you’re not able to find something every day…it sure has been easy to find one every week. If you would like me to keep sharing after next week let me know. I know it has helped me a lot to think back on the week and remember how blessed I can be if I allow it.

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