Meaning of Christmas- Blessing 6

Growing up and having a parent not celebrating holidays was a bit challenging for someone who loved all the family traditions built around Christmas. I loved singing the Christmas carols in choir. I loved knowing families spent the holidays preparing to spend time together eating and having fun just being together. The only thing I could never get into was playing games. I do like watching others play. I just don’t like participating 🀣.

As a teenage parent with no parents or family support I worked hard to build traditions for my son when he was little. I would buy a small tree and a couple small gifts a tight budget would allow. We went to movies on Christmas day after an early dinner before it became a big thing to do. Movies even release on Christmas now 🀣

After I got married and had my daughter it was important to build a strong family with traditions. We did many family events. Christmas tree lighting, sometimes volunteering, walking candy cane lane. Of course as the kids got older we would have to force the fun 🀣

With the children grown and living with their own families my husband and I have to learn to adjust to a new set of traditions. This year was wonderful because my granddaughter is starting to spend the night with us. So last night we had a night of Pizza and TV. This morning we made Christmas cookies. Hung out in the afternoon watching her favorite shows and then frosted her cookies. Tonight we had our small family dinner and gifts with our daughter and family. Christmas day my husband and I will get FaceTime calls from both our children and grandchildren 🀞🏻. Meanwhile we can relax and do nothing tomorrow. It is such a blessing to just enjoy the time you do get and not worry about doing it on a day dictated by the actual holiday. I am sure this derives from not celebrating holidays when I was younger, but the time is so much more important than Dec 25th.

As we finish out the year and move into 2021 please remember to think of all your blessings you get every day or every week. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Years

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