Sending positivity out to our communities and country

Growing up under a Jehovah witness household we were taught God was the higher power and not man (government). As I became an adult my decisions are still lead with the same principles but not as a witness. So I am registered as an independent voter. This way it allows me to choose what I strongly believe and matches my spiritual and moral beliefs. Yes I do feel that every man and woman is imperfect and will lie to get their way. It’s just picking the right leaders and laws that earn my vote. Believe me when I tell you there are times I don’t vote.

My message today is not about who will lead us the next 4 years. Or whether I feel the candidates are the best choice for our country. My concern is how this election has created so much hatred, animosity, underhanded scheming and outlandish behavior. So much so that we penetrated a federal building.

What I thought was the perfect small hometown community to raise my children 25 years ago has turned into a city that riots and creates havoc every Sunday. This past Sunday our police station was vandalized and threats to our community and officers. My anxiety has been so high these past few days as I wait to see what unrest happens as our new leaders take office tomorrow. The next weeks, months and even years will be like this. We as a human race have surpassed a certain point that there is no return. No matter what house runs the government.

So I am urging everyone to work on ways to bring positivity to others. So kindness. Remove yourself from social media posts that will only drag you down. Maybe just stay away from it altogether for the next few weeks. Spend time talking to the ones that put a smile on your face. Remember what we all learned in preschool or kindergarten. If you have nothing nice to say…then say nothing. Be respectful to everyone. Be safe and healthy.

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