Sign, sign

Everywhere a sign

Blockin’ out the scenery

Breakin’ my mind

Do this, don’t do that

Can’t you read the sign?

I bet now you can’t get that song out of your head …insert evil 😆.

I know it’s been awhile since you have heard from me, but not much has been helpful in keeping a mindful mind or heart. These past few weeks our small community has had so many big city activities going on. Almost to the point you can’t feel safe to go outside or be in certain parts of town.

I wanted to share with you an observation I had last week. My work has been putting more COViD 19 precautions in place. As I am sure they should be- no argument there. But you see I work from home. So I am blessed by being in a quiet and peaceful environment that I choose to surround myself by. Two weeks ago I was even able to take a small trip to the Ocean and work at the desk in my hotel room.

I was looking at pictures of a new break room that just designed to be COVID restricted (aka…safer) All my mind could process were these bright green signs probably around 20 or more surrounding the walls, the windows and the appliances in the room. I can only assume they’re reminders of what you can’t do. The vibe created such a horrible sensory to my inner being of how a room could be so impactful to anything that should be conducive to stepping away from work and enjoying a break/rest. Or socialize with our peers during this time. I am not sure if these environments make others feel robbed?

I am grateful I have that separation for 8+ hours of my day. I get to choose when to go out and have to follow public guidelines. So the question is how can a person keep our minds mindful during a pandemic. I am here to tell you…I have no idea. My suggestions would be is to try to minimize your exposure to the “signs”. Instead of taking breaks in a room . Go eat somewhere else. I used to put a camping chair next to my car, put my feet up, turn the car radio on and just pretend I was on a picnic at my old job. Those were great times. Of course some folks thought I was weird. Maybe my weirdness can help bring calmness from all the postings that stare at us everywhere. Un-clutter you vision. Let me know if you have tried other ways to live in our Do This or Don’t Do That current life management?

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