Giving to yourself

Officially the weekend starts in 27 minutes. This has been a week from H.E. double hockey sticks. I worked way to much these past 4 days. It was even a 4 day week. Here I was going to brag to you all on Monday how relaxing it was to shut off for 3 days. Nothing prepared me for the next 4 days. 😂

So let me ask you all…how was your week? I have a feeling there was something in the air for lots of us.

So what better way to make yourself feel better and bring contentment …give to other’s. My plan for tomorrow is to do what I like to do…sewing. So how does that help others? I plan to help make some drawstring backpacks for foster children in Yolo/Solano’s counties. Being a foster kid myself a few times when I was younger I understand what it means to not feel like you belong anywhere; or no one cares for you. The social system failed me as a child and I feel it is still broken. I was briefly taken from one form of abusive parents to bad foster homes. So anyway you can help a teen or child it benefits their well-being. I have always wanted to help and teach teenagers just because you had bad experiences…you’re still responsible in making life choices. There’s always options.

Giving a piece of your heart/time to your community is actually a gift to yourself Remember that!!! Don’t start big…little things make big impacts.

Of course I will finish off by just doing quiet activities…like reading, drinking tea,napping or working on my knitting/crochet. It’s pretty much mandatory to do nothing one day when you have the crappiest week. Gotta recharge and be mindful.

Stay safe and be well!!!

First Backpack ready to donate 🥰

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