About Me & Loretta’s Creations

Why is it so difficult to talk about ourselves? I am married and have two children and 3 grandchildren. Each of them are a blessing . I have worked in the wine industry most of my working career. Love it. ❤️

For 9 years I worked with a challenging employer until this past June when many jobs were outsourced to India. Many times my health and vision were affected by the high level of stress and demands put on me. The company hired a stress management expert. It was suggested as a tool I needed to start a hobby.

Well, I am not very crafty and hate all my pictures so scrapbooking, jewelry or paper crafts were not my choice for relaxing. One day I was walking around in Michaels researching my options and saw the most interesting item. I have always wanted to learn to knit, but never could find the right video or teacher. What I saw was a loom knitting kit. I thought to myself 🤔- “I can totally do that”. I asked Santa for one and by January 15th I was obsessed and had so much yarn and multiple looms.

Making things like hats and blankets became my tool to close off my mind and focus on creating. This is how Knitting for calmness came about. To support my habit I created a Facebook store page so I can at the least keep buying more yarn. Selling my hats or blankets for the cost of yarn helps my pocketbook and mindfulness. please join my page and my journey in finding peacefulness.