I encourage everyone to continuously keep looking for opportunities to learn a new skill, craft or ways to improve your career or personal lives. When we stimulate our brains it can add new outlook on life or give us a new purpose to pursue.

Humans are like sponges we soak up knowledge .

Giving to yourself

Officially the weekend starts in 27 minutes. This has been a week from H.E. double hockey sticks. I worked way to much these past 4 days. It was even a 4 day week. Here I was going to brag to you all on Monday how relaxing it was to shut off for 3 days. Nothing prepared me for the next 4 days. 😂

So let me ask you all…how was your week? I have a feeling there was something in the air for lots of us.

So what better way to make yourself feel better and bring contentment …give to other’s. My plan for tomorrow is to do what I like to do…sewing. So how does that help others? I plan to help make some drawstring backpacks for foster children in Yolo/Solano’s counties. Being a foster kid myself a few times when I was younger I understand what it means to not feel like you belong anywhere; or no one cares for you. The social system failed me as a child and I feel it is still broken. I was briefly taken from one form of abusive parents to bad foster homes. So anyway you can help a teen or child it benefits their well-being. I have always wanted to help and teach teenagers just because you had bad experiences…you’re still responsible in making life choices. There’s always options.

Giving a piece of your heart/time to your community is actually a gift to yourself Remember that!!! Don’t start big…little things make big impacts.

Of course I will finish off by just doing quiet activities…like reading, drinking tea,napping or working on my knitting/crochet. It’s pretty much mandatory to do nothing one day when you have the crappiest week. Gotta recharge and be mindful.

Stay safe and be well!!!

First Backpack ready to donate 🥰


Sign, sign

Everywhere a sign

Blockin’ out the scenery

Breakin’ my mind

Do this, don’t do that

Can’t you read the sign?

I bet now you can’t get that song out of your head …insert evil 😆.

I know it’s been awhile since you have heard from me, but not much has been helpful in keeping a mindful mind or heart. These past few weeks our small community has had so many big city activities going on. Almost to the point you can’t feel safe to go outside or be in certain parts of town.

I wanted to share with you an observation I had last week. My work has been putting more COViD 19 precautions in place. As I am sure they should be- no argument there. But you see I work from home. So I am blessed by being in a quiet and peaceful environment that I choose to surround myself by. Two weeks ago I was even able to take a small trip to the Ocean and work at the desk in my hotel room.

I was looking at pictures of a new break room that just designed to be COVID restricted (aka…safer) All my mind could process were these bright green signs probably around 20 or more surrounding the walls, the windows and the appliances in the room. I can only assume they’re reminders of what you can’t do. The vibe created such a horrible sensory to my inner being of how a room could be so impactful to anything that should be conducive to stepping away from work and enjoying a break/rest. Or socialize with our peers during this time. I am not sure if these environments make others feel robbed?

I am grateful I have that separation for 8+ hours of my day. I get to choose when to go out and have to follow public guidelines. So the question is how can a person keep our minds mindful during a pandemic. I am here to tell you…I have no idea. My suggestions would be is to try to minimize your exposure to the “signs”. Instead of taking breaks in a room . Go eat somewhere else. I used to put a camping chair next to my car, put my feet up, turn the car radio on and just pretend I was on a picnic at my old job. Those were great times. Of course some folks thought I was weird. Maybe my weirdness can help bring calmness from all the postings that stare at us everywhere. Un-clutter you vision. Let me know if you have tried other ways to live in our Do This or Don’t Do That current life management?

Sending positivity out to our communities and country

Growing up under a Jehovah witness household we were taught God was the higher power and not man (government). As I became an adult my decisions are still lead with the same principles but not as a witness. So I am registered as an independent voter. This way it allows me to choose what I strongly believe and matches my spiritual and moral beliefs. Yes I do feel that every man and woman is imperfect and will lie to get their way. It’s just picking the right leaders and laws that earn my vote. Believe me when I tell you there are times I don’t vote.

My message today is not about who will lead us the next 4 years. Or whether I feel the candidates are the best choice for our country. My concern is how this election has created so much hatred, animosity, underhanded scheming and outlandish behavior. So much so that we penetrated a federal building.

What I thought was the perfect small hometown community to raise my children 25 years ago has turned into a city that riots and creates havoc every Sunday. This past Sunday our police station was vandalized and threats to our community and officers. My anxiety has been so high these past few days as I wait to see what unrest happens as our new leaders take office tomorrow. The next weeks, months and even years will be like this. We as a human race have surpassed a certain point that there is no return. No matter what house runs the government.

So I am urging everyone to work on ways to bring positivity to others. So kindness. Remove yourself from social media posts that will only drag you down. Maybe just stay away from it altogether for the next few weeks. Spend time talking to the ones that put a smile on your face. Remember what we all learned in preschool or kindergarten. If you have nothing nice to say…then say nothing. Be respectful to everyone. Be safe and healthy.

Finishing out 2020

Anyone else working to finish projects before the end of year? The past week I have been working on completing projects. Wanted to start 2021 with a clean slate. I finished the bulky blanket for my granddaughter Ella, finished the edges for a baby blanket available to gift or sell and finished binding my placemats. I plan to learn how to free hand quilt this year to finish my quilt tops Imade this year.

This year I have learned so much from my quilting and crocheting. I do need to finish a knitting project…but I can’t seem to get back to it. I need to get working on it as well. Have a happy and safe New Years

Meaning of Christmas- Blessing 6

Growing up and having a parent not celebrating holidays was a bit challenging for someone who loved all the family traditions built around Christmas. I loved singing the Christmas carols in choir. I loved knowing families spent the holidays preparing to spend time together eating and having fun just being together. The only thing I could never get into was playing games. I do like watching others play. I just don’t like participating 🤣.

As a teenage parent with no parents or family support I worked hard to build traditions for my son when he was little. I would buy a small tree and a couple small gifts a tight budget would allow. We went to movies on Christmas day after an early dinner before it became a big thing to do. Movies even release on Christmas now 🤣

After I got married and had my daughter it was important to build a strong family with traditions. We did many family events. Christmas tree lighting, sometimes volunteering, walking candy cane lane. Of course as the kids got older we would have to force the fun 🤣

With the children grown and living with their own families my husband and I have to learn to adjust to a new set of traditions. This year was wonderful because my granddaughter is starting to spend the night with us. So last night we had a night of Pizza and TV. This morning we made Christmas cookies. Hung out in the afternoon watching her favorite shows and then frosted her cookies. Tonight we had our small family dinner and gifts with our daughter and family. Christmas day my husband and I will get FaceTime calls from both our children and grandchildren 🤞🏻. Meanwhile we can relax and do nothing tomorrow. It is such a blessing to just enjoy the time you do get and not worry about doing it on a day dictated by the actual holiday. I am sure this derives from not celebrating holidays when I was younger, but the time is so much more important than Dec 25th.

As we finish out the year and move into 2021 please remember to think of all your blessings you get every day or every week. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Years

Family Connections- Blessing 5

As we get closer to Christmas we think about our family memories. And that could be “blood” or chosen family. When it comes to my parents or siblings it gets a bit rough. I was raised by very toxic and abusive parents, my brother spent most of his life in prison (for reasons I don’t discuss), and my sisters live separate and distant lives. My maternal aunts and uncle spent a great many years protecting and raising me for half of my childhood. Most memories I carry in my brain are during the years I spent around my aunts and uncle. I lost an aunt (breast cancer) and uncle (AIDS) early on in my adult life. As I have gotten older I very seldom see my remaining aunt. Life just gets in the way. This past weekend I got to spend a day just visiting and gossiping. It was a wonderful day for my husband and I to just enjoy the day with her. We’re all not getting any younger so these times are special. It is so important to cherish the moments you can have with your family. Being around your family brings belonging and solidarity. I won’t say peace…because we all know thats not always true 🤣.

Most of my “family” is not blood related. They were picked and chosen for many special reasons. They are just like me- ornery. Or they have characteristics I need to bring out in myself. A couple of them are so special they are both ornery and a better person. I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends who bring out the best in me. I feel god has given them as a reward for all I have lost and given in my life. This year has been difficult not seeing them…but I know when the time comes we can be together and it will feel like it was just yesterday we saw each other. That is why chosen families are the best.

My husband and I will be alone this year for Christmas and New Years . I am sure we will have a great time just FaceTime our children and grandchildren Enjoy a more creative way to share your time now for a brighter future. I don’t know about yourselves but I laugh alot and think about all the crazy conversations I have with a 2 yr on FaceTime several times a week. My granddaughter loves me showing her my Christmas tree and all the ornaments. She will ask to see it almost every day. Then she just wants to sit and watch TV and won’t want to hang up. The other day her mom put ponytails in and she loved them so much. So almost the whole call it mostly just showed her ponytail bouncing around. Cracked me up. Remember these past few weeks have been about finding your little blessing. If you’re not able to find something every day…it sure has been easy to find one every week. If you would like me to keep sharing after next week let me know. I know it has helped me a lot to think back on the week and remember how blessed I can be if I allow it.