Giving the gift of Happiness

Growing up and living under my mothers roof we never celebrated holidays. This was due to her religious beliefs. I was blessed to have spent several years under my uncle and his partner Michael’s custody. During this time I was able to witness and celebrate many holidays. Michael spent so much effort in making sure all the holidays were special for a us. We decorated Christmas trees with millions of pieces of tensile, my aunts taking me trick or treating or having family holiday dinners. My grand parents coming in their motor home for a month in between Thanksgiving and Christmas. These are the only memories I recollect from my childhood.

These memories have built my love for my favorite holiday…Thanksgiving. When I was a young parent I made sure I always decorated for and celebrated the holidays. Even if it was not much; or my children even knew they were experiencing traditions. This was all part of my drive to leaving the past behind and changing my future. So you ask why I love Thanksgiving most of all? Well…it is the only holiday where it was truly just about being with family, friends and showing love and gratitude to each other. This was what I wanted for our little family of four….until our family expanded to 10 (currently).

Ok….getting to my point of this message. We are pretty much 6 weeks away from Thanksgiving. These past 11 months have been hard for all the obvious reasons COVID-19, unemployment, social distancing, yelling at people for not social distancing or wearing masks, politics, fires, and just plain nastiness to ourselves and each other.

I am so fed up with the way we are treating each other. We are all under the same pressures and differences – but this is no excuse to live with the hatred and disrespect for others. So I am asking everyone for the next few weeks give the gift of Happiness. Giving a small gift to someone can light up their day. You don’t even need to spend money. Fill out a note card and just say you are giving them a virtual hug or smile- or a free errand or task. Bake some cookies and leave on your coworkers/ friends front door. Mail a card. Make a phone call to the friend that never calls or texts you. Giving ourselves to others are gifts that will give a peace to others and yourself . Try to do one Happiness gift a week or more. Let’s see how you feel after Thanksgiving. Please share this post and any stories to encourage more people to participate.

Ps…In regards to my projects. I am currently working on a bulky crochet blanket for my new granddaughter this winter, made a tie blanket for another granddaughter. But mostly I am progressing my new love of quilting. I have always wanted too…but just never started. Being locked up in the house for CoVid and health issues caused by the fires I have worked on several projects. I did a really big project in Aug/Sept with a lot of appliqué. And I upgraded to a computerized sewing machine 🙂